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Sunday 17th February

13-16 / Dansens Hus


Price: 100,- (NOK). Includes lunch and a Rethink Dance bag.

Subject: Dance maker AND performer. Why do choreographers choose to perform in their own pieces – and how does this influence the performances and the working processes?

A criteria for the works that Rethink Dance program is that the choreographer also is performing in her/his work. We experience that this is a preferred mode of working for a lot of artists today. We think this choice influences how we work and what kind of performances that are being created. Is the choice of being a performer-and-maker-in-one a result of changes in the working conditions of the dance artists- with bigger demands in terms of flexibility and with less money to employ other performers? Does this way of working make performances more personal or ”authentic”? Does these performances loose some of the clarity and explicitness that a choreographer as an outside-eye could produce?

In the seminar we want to approach this subject through listening to thoughts from the artists that show work during Rethink Dance 2013. We wish to create an open and informal conversation where the audience is invited to share their thoughts around the subject.

There will be served lunch.

In the panel: The artists that show work during Rethink Dance 2013

Moderator: Venke Marie Sortland

Onsdag 13. februar

kl: 12-14 / Dramatikkens hus
Lunsjpraksis (workshop)

Torsdag 14. februar

kl: 12-14 / Dramatikkens hus
Lunsjpraksis (workshop)

kl: 19.00 / Dramatikkens hus
Marte Reithaug Sterud, Marianne Kjærsund og Bryan Cambell
work in progress

Fredag 15. februar

kl: 12-14 / Dansens Hus
Lunsjpraksis (workshop)

15.00 / Dansens Hus

kl: 19.00 / Dramatikkens hus
Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot - what they are instead of

kl: 21.00 / Dansens Hus
Ingeleiv Berstad & Julian Skar - ikkje sant (urpremiere)

Lørdag 16. februar

kl: 19.00 / Dramatikkens hus
Diego Gil - abstract attractions

kl: 19.00 / Dansens Hus
Ingeleiv Berstad & Julian Skar - ikkje sant

kl: 21.00 / Dansens Hus
Jefta van Dinther - kneeding

Søndag 17. februar

kl: 13-16 / Dansens Hus

kl: 19.00 / Dansens Hus
Ingeleiv Berstad & Julian Skar - ikkje sant


Dansens Hus:
Ordinærpris pr. forestilling: 160,-
Festivalpris pr. forestilling: 100,-
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Dramatikkens hus:
Ordinærpris pr. forestilling: 100,-
Festivalpris pr. forestilling: 60,-


100,- inkl. lunsj og Rethink Dance nett

Påmelding til Lunsjpraksis og seminar:

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