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Diego Gil - Abstract Attractions

Saturday 16th February

19.00 / Dramatikkens hus

Diego Gil – Abstract Attractions

They walk dance walk catwalk dance and walk
They fold fold walk unfold unfold and dance undone

It grows and goes grows and goes goes goes becomes
It drift and pin pin and drift re mix slash and crash

You feel and think resist and feel and think resist and feel
You put it down you put it up forget it love it now

Abstract Attractions is a playful, shared ritual displaying the (in)visible kinesthetic forces that are (un)dressing two bodies in relation.

While traveling across a catwalk performers are invoking those forces, carrying them toward and in between the spectators as if they were in the middle of a fashion show.

In a choreographic interplay of dance, light and music the invoked forces take various fleeting and fluttering forms, overspill the catwalk and vanish into the space, transforming the theatrical context from a fashion show into a ballroom into a jungle of many more intense sensations to be felt.

Diego Gil choreography and dance
Irina Mueller dance and choreography
Pablo Fontdevila light and set design
Tian Rotteveel music
Igor Dobricic dramaturgy
Tatiana Saphir theatrical advise
Berly Acosta costume advise

Diego Gil studied philosophy and dance in Buenos Aires. Since his graduation from the School for New Dance Development in 2003 he is making performances that mixes philosophical quest with dance practice – investigating the potential of the body and (its) movement to produce thoughts and feelings that shifts away from common sense frames of interpretation. Diego Gil sees choreography as a dynamic practice that transforms personal, social and existential concerns into concepts in motion.

Choreographies as Emotional Architecture of Movement, Creating Sense and About falling has been presented at International dance festivals in Europe and abroad (Tanz Im August, Rencontres Choregraphiques, ImpulsTanz, etc). His latest performances are Outdoors, a 45 dancers performance for the Austrian open air festival Sommer Szenne, The Half a one and a half long year project dealing with a flexible mode of production for an artistic community and Bsides a dance concert performance working with differential (non) representative modes of expression. Diego is currently studying at the Amsterdam Master of Choreography in the theater school in Amsterdam.

Wednesday 13th February

12-14 / Dramatikkens hus
Lunchpractice (workshop)

Thursday 14th February

12-14 / Dramatikkens hus
Lunchpractice (workshop)

19.00 / Dramatikkens hus
Marte Reithaug Sterud, Marianne Kjærsund og Bryan Cambell
work in progress

Friday 15th February

12-14 / Dansens Hus
Lunchpractice (workshop)

15.00 / Dansens Hus
Dialog café

19.00 / Dramatikkens hus
Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot - what they are instead of

21.00 / Dansens Hus
Ingeleiv Berstad & Julian Skar - ikkje sant (premiere)

Saturday 16th February

19.00 / Dramatikkens hus
Diego Gil - abstract attractions

19.00 / Dansens Hus
Ingeleiv Berstad & Julian Skar - ikkje sant

21.00 / Dansens Hus
Jefta van Dinther - kneeding

Sunday 17th February

13-16 / Dansens Hus

19.00 / Dansens Hus
Ingeleiv Berstad & Julian Skar - ikkje sant


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